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Product description

Have you met our grand poobah P. Jons? P. Jons edits the Pigeon Post, which visitors to 100 Story Building will know is the major source of news, leaks and cats here in the Building. We don’t think you’ve met P. Jons because WE haven’t met P. Jons and we’d be very cranky if you got to do it first. Almost as cranky as P. Jons!
Yes, that’s right, our esteemed leader P. Jons is one cranky crank. We may never have seen P. Jons but we sure do hear a lot of shouting from the office. Mostly about the lack of reliable news teams and the high distractibility of cat journalists. P. Jons won’t let up about it, and we’re asking, no, begging, you to help us out by turning detective-journalist and uncovering the stories that lie within our many-storied premises.
Will you? Please?
A quarterly collection of news and stories from 100 Story Building. With editorials from P. Jons, helpful tips from editors, challenging missions, illustrations by our favourite artists and … stories by you! For ages 6+.
What you get -
4 x issues of Pigeon Post delivered to your letterbox.
Story missions to inspire your creatively inquiring mind.
Opportunity to have your story or illustration published in the next Pigeon Post issue!

Pigeon Post Subscription

$30.00 + Delivery included

Delivery and Order Info

It goes by snail mail.
When do you deliver:
Subscriptions are mailed quarterly (March, June, September, December).
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