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Product description

Maddie's design encompasses many aspects of the Bottle for Botol program in a detailed, beautiful and highly skilled line drawing. She has incorporated water dispensers, plastic bottles, beaches full of rubbish, a hidden crab and turtle amongst beautiful scenery. Maddie is a high school student at one of our first Australian schools, Kingswood College.

For every bottle bought:

- You prevent 30 plastic cups a month from ending up in Indonesian waste streams.
- A student pays 33% less for water.
- A student buys 23% more water because it's cheaper (they will also bring water from home).
- The school canteen will make 15% more profit from water.
- The school canteen will reduce the plastic wrapped items they sell.
- The same water company will continue to supply the school - more water, less plastic!
- You use less plastic - win, win!

Cindy's Design 500ml Each

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Your order has automatically been sent to Marian, who kindly donates her time to posting these bottles. Marian lives in WA and she usually takes 1-2 business days to pop the parcel in the post. We expect your bottle(s) to take no more than 10 days to get to your door - please feel free to contact us if it's been longer.
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Bottle for Botol

About the seller

We're a team of surfers, divers and beach lovers working to protect our oceans and marine life by replacing single-use plastic cups with beautiful stainless steel and BPA free water bottles. Your bottle is printed with a design chosen from hundreds of student entries in our design competition. Attached to it is a hand-written note, a Symbol of Friendship from a student in Indonesia thanking you for your contribution.

For every bottle purchased:
- One identical botol is donated to a student in Indonesia.
- Money goes towards purchasing water dispensers for school canteens.
- A student takes part in an eight-week education program.

How this purchase helps

  • Education and training
  • Environment
  • International development
  • Youth