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Product description

Rosie, a year 4 student from Alphington Primary School won one of our design competitions - here's what she had to say about it.

"My bottle for botol design represents the sun shining on lots of drops of water. I designed the word BOTTLE using bottles to represent the amount of plastic found on the beaches in Indonesia every day. I included the Indonesian flag, the Australian flag and the children together to represent the two country’s and all the children working together to help Indonesia with this problem."

For every bottle bought:

- You prevent 30 plastic cups a month from ending up in Indonesian waste streams.
- A student pays 33% less for water.
- A student buys 23% more water because it's cheaper (they will also bring water from home).
- The school canteen will make 15% more profit from water.
- The school canteen will reduce the plastic wrapped items they sell.
- The same water company will continue to supply the school - more water, less plastic!
- You use less plastic - win, win!

Rosie's Design 675ml Each

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Bottle for Botol

About the seller

We're a team of surfers, divers and beach lovers working to protect our oceans and marine life by replacing single-use plastic cups with beautiful stainless steel and BPA free water bottles. Your bottle is printed with a design chosen from hundreds of student entries in our design competition. Attached to it is a hand-written note, a Symbol of Friendship from a student in Indonesia thanking you for your contribution.

For every bottle purchased:
- One identical botol is donated to a student in Indonesia.
- Money goes towards purchasing water dispensers for school canteens.
- A student takes part in an eight-week education program.

How this purchase helps

  • Education and training
  • Environment
  • International development
  • Youth