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About Good Spender

Good Spender is an online marketplace connecting consumers who want to make a difference with social enterprises.

Good Spender is the place to discover the broad range of fantastic products sold by Australian social enterprises. Good Spender allows you to interact with Australian social enterprises and support their mission by buying from them.

Social enterprises are businesses that sell goods and services in order to generate community benefit. Buying from a social enterprise means you are directly supporting the social purpose of that organisation. All sellers on Good Spender have been certified by Social Traders as a social enterprise.  

Who is behind Good Spender

The initiative is a partnership between Social Traders and Australia Post. 

Social Traders 
is a not-for-profit social enterprise development organization based in Melbourne. Started in 2008, Social Traders provides a range of services to support the growth of social enterprises in Australia. Social Traders makes it easy for people to learn about, start, grow, buy from and invest in social enterprise. 

Social Traders' vision is a world where the market is used to deliver sustainable social outcomes. Social Traders achieves this by empowering social enterprises to transform communities around Australia.

For more information about Social Traders, visit www.socialtraders.com.au.


Australia Post has been connecting communities for more than 200 years. Our Neighbourhood is Australia Posts community program which represents a philosophy of support, connection and helping communities work better for everyone.  This community program is supported by the entire Australia Post enterprise and is underpinned by an intent to create better communities where everyone feels included, involved and connected.

Australia Post’s commitment to supporting social enterprise is a natural extension of the Our Neighbourhood program. 

For more information about Australia Post’s Our Neighbourhood community program, visit www.ourneighbourhood.com.au


Contact us

If you have questions about Good Spender, please email support@goodspender.com.au.

Please note: Good Spender support will not be available from 5pm AEDT Tuesday 21/12/2016 until 9am Tuesday 3/01/2017.