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How it works

When you buy on Good Spender, you are buying directly from the social enterprise. Good Spender facilitates the online transaction, and we charge a fee to cover our marketing and administrative costs.

How does Good Spender benefit social enterprises

Good Spender is a social enterprise marketplace that enables consumers to buy from a large number of social enterprises in one place. In developing Good Spender we saw significant efficiencies in creating one entry point to a social enterprises. Firstly, marketing dollars on Good Spender are aggregated to benefit a large number of social enterprises and duplication of efforts can be avoided. Secondly, social enterprises are able to sell online without the investment and hassle of building their own e-commerce platform. This allows social enterprises to spend more time making and selling products and achieving their social purpose and less time finding customers.

Who profits from Good Spender

The causes that social enterprises support are the principle beneficiaries of Good Spender. When you buy on Good Spender, the social enterprise who sells to you receives all monies directly from you. Social Traders, a not-for-profit organization receives a percentage of each sale from the social enterprise to subsidize the costs of developing, maintaining and marketing the platform.