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Good Spender Privacy policy

Privacy & the Good Spender Marketplace

The Good Spender Marketplace (“GSM”) is a joint initiative between Australia Post (trading as “GSM”) and Social Traders Limited (“STL”).

As a joint initiative, both Australia Post and Social Traders Limited have responsibilities, under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), to protect the personal information that you provide when you:

  • register as a 'buyer' or 'seller' to use the GSM,
  • submit your e-mail address to 'follow' Good Spender or 'join up' to receive the Good Spender Newsletter, or
  • contact support@goodspender.com.au for assistance or regarding an enquiry.

Australia Post's Privacy Responsibilities

As the 'owner' of the Good Spender Marketplace (GSM), Australia Post is the primary party responsible for ensuring that your personal information is managed and protected appropriately.

Australia Post does so by ensuring that your personal information is treated in accordance with the standards defined in Australia Post's Privacy Policy; this includes ensuring your personal information is:

  • only captured, accessed and used for the purpose of facilitating your use of the GSM,
  • only held or stored for as long as is required,
  • stored in manner that ensures it is protected from inappropriate access, loss, misuse or unauthorised disclosure,
  • only used for direct marketing or promotional communication where you have provided consent for that to occur.

Social Traders Limited – Use of Your Personal Information on Australia Post's Behalf

Social Traders Limited has been engaged by Australia Post to manage the day-to-day operation of the GSM on Australia Post‟s behalf. Australia Post‟s Privacy Policy requires STL to handle, manage and protect your personal information to the same standards as required of Australia Post staff and subsidiaries.

Social Traders Limited can access and use your personal information to:

  • facilitate the creation, management and administration of your GSM account (as a 'buyer' or 'seller')
  • enable Good Spender Newsletters and/or promotional material from Australia Post to be sent you (where you have provided consent to receive that material)
  • enable them to provide support to you, in your use of the GSM, where and when you request assistance
  • respond to any enquiries or complaints you submit to the support@goodspender.com.au mailbox

Social Traders Limited is not permitted to access or use your personal information (on Australia Post's behalf) for any activities, beyond those above.

Social Traders Limited – Sole Use of Your Personal Information

Social Traders Limited is permitted to use your personal information, to direct market to you, when you have provided your consent to receive promotional material from them. Direct marketing that is distributed to you, by Social Traders Limited, based on this consent will be clearly identified as Social Traders promotional or marketing material.

Where this has occurred, Social Traders' management and use of your personal information is done in accordance with Social Traders Limited Privacy Policy.