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What is social enterprise?

What is social enterprise?

One of the most common questions we get is, 'What is a social enterprise?'  In the Australian context, because there is no legal structure called social enterprise, Social Traders define social enterprise as an organisation that:

  • Is driven by a public or community cause, be it social, environmental, cultural or economic
  • Derive most of their income from trade, not donations
  • Use the majority of their profits to work towards their social mission. 

This definition of social enterprise is derived from the Finding Australia's Social Enterprise Sector (FASES) research developed by Social Traders in collaboration with the Centre for Social Impact, which is the first, and to-date only CENSUS of social enterprise in Australia. 

All sellers who offer products on Good Spender have been reviewed by Social Traders and, to the best of our knowledge, fulfil our definition of social enterprise.

We review Good Spender seller to ensure they meet the below criteria:

  • The business principally exist to provide a social, environmental or local economic benefit consistent with a public or community benefit;
  • The business derives a substantial portion of their income from trade, not donations; and
  • The business reinvests more than 50% of profit into furthering its social mission.