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Traditionally, Gulbarn has been used as a bush medicine for thousands of years, healing coughs, colds and soothing stomachs. Even now, people use Gulbarn for its soothing properties; just by smelling Gulbarn you can clear your nose and lungs. Gulbarn, botanically known as melaleuca citrolens, is high in antioxidants, non-caffeinated and delicious both hot and cold.
Gulbarn grows on Alawa country in the Northern Territory and is handpicked by Alawa people. The land is rich with plants and animals and the people are full of knowledge, language and culture. Gulbarn Tea is one way Minyerri community are sharing their culture and Country with the wider Australia.
Ingredients: Gulbarn (melaleuca citrolens)

Gulbarn Tea - 10g bag 10 Grams

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