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Compiled by the CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians, Jan Owen, The Future Chasers is a collection of stories from young Australians of courage, imagination and will. This collection profiles fifteen extraordinarily talented, inspiring and hard-working young people achieving amazing things in fields as varied as politics, industry, the arts, and technology. These uplifting and daring agents of change are turning generational stereotypes on their heads, proving that our country's future is bright.


”The stories contained in this book are totally inspirational and fill me with awe. These are the stories of wonderful individuals whose energy, observations and involvement in the world provide examples to all of us, young and old. For me it won't be enough to just read it once; I will need to read and re-read it hoping to decant every last drop of inspiration and enjoyment that abounds in these stories."
~ David Gonski – Chancellor of the University of NSW and Chairman of the ANZ Bank

“I love the brilliance and uncapped thinking of this new generation. We are handing to them a world full of complexity, rife with conflict and attached to a timeline that is ticking loudly. The Future Chasers showcases inspiring examples of those who will change the path humanity is walking.”
~Audette Exel - Co-founder & CEO, Adara Group

"Leadership is not just a skill; it starts with a simple but courageous decision – to step forward when you see something that needs to change. These changemakers are the leaders of tomorrow. I hope their courage inspires others to step forward too."
~Danny Almagor – Co-founder & CEO, Small Giants

'Our young people are exceptional, prepared to take on challenges and contribute to the community ... but they can only do that when equipped with the right skills and support. That's why we need to invest in them as a country. The Foundation for Young Australians has been leading the way and has already seen incredible results. I'm thrilled to support Jan Owen and FYA.'
~Mark Carnegie - Founder, M H Carnegie & Co, investor and philanthropist.

“I hope this book encourages a belief, in young and old alike, that acting to create change can work - and is, in fact, essential. Stories like those assembled here encourage others to think, act and celebrate achievement.”
~Tanya Hosch – Joint Campaign Director, Recognise

'Leaders demonstrate to their colleagues and the world that they have defined their own value set through reflection and reconciling their own strengths, weaknesses and reality. They then adhere to these values more stringently than those around them and this, in essence, is the seat of their leadership. This is what it takes to lead leaders and the people in this book are fine examples of the new breed.'
~Dr Sam Prince - Founder and Director, One Disease at a Time; Zambrero and Mejico, Sydney

The Future Chasers

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