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Life Interwoven is a social enterprise founded by a group of like-minded friends with the inspiration to fight disadvantage and poverty as well as helping to conserve traditional textile and handicraft techniques in South East Asia. In particular Life Interwoven aims to help small village based enterprises thrive by supporting genuine handicraft and art enterprises that still use traditional and artisan techniques. We work with villagers, artisans and small entreprenuers to create a range of kitchen and homewares as well as lifestyle and decorative products that are made using sustainable and traditional materials. This helps rural communities to earn a viable living without having to move to the city as well as helping to maintain a viable art and handicraft culture for future generations.

Our Vision:
A world with opportunity for all

Our Mission:
We create ethical artisan products to fight disadvantage and poverty in South East Asia

Our target:
In 2017, we continue to support Human and Hope Association, an Australian NGO education project for disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Education programs are targeted at children from ages 5-18 and supplements their public school education. Of the 14 million people living in Cambodia, approximately 20% live below the national poverty line. The poverty line acts as a benchmark; the UN states that those falling beneath it do not have enough money to pay for the absolute basics like adequate shelter, food, education and health. Many more may fall just above this line, but still struggle to pay for basics like education and medical treatment, especially if unexpected circumstances arise.

Your purchase of Life Interwoven products in 2017 will directly help a disadvantaged child by giving them a chance to go to school and study. It is what they love to do – wear a uniform and learn how to read and write stories that inspire them and their friends!

Donations for Financial Year 2016-2017
- funded a preschool education to a whole class of 10 students for a month.
- funded four children in the Khmer language program at HHA for a year, teaching them their native language so they can move up at public school.
- educated two children in our English language program for a year.
- provided scholarships to two students for a year education program.

The co-founders of Life Interwoven saw the positive effect education access had for children in marginalised communities on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Some of these kids have been able to pursue professional careers and have families as a result of having access to educational opportunities. So we believe that education is a powerful tool to help break the cycle of poverty and we invite you to help us do our bit, by purchasing one of our ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly and beautifully hand-crafted products.

Review from one of our lovely customers.
"Hi Suwanna The placemats are in a nice earthy toned hue. They arrived quickly and were beautifully packed. I encourage other people to support handmade and keep "authentic" alive and well. Regards Caz"