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Product description

A new thicker placemat has been introduced by the Napanad Women's Weaving Guild (Taidam) from north-eastern Thailand. The Taidam are an ethnic group who migrated from China and Vietnam to settle in Thailand in late 19th century. These placemats have been woven on a hand loom by Veerapongse Charoensee. Veerapongse is an orphan and was abandoned as a youngster. The Taidam have since supported him. He loves art and has great skill.

These placemats are dyed from natural colours. The indigo used is natural dye from the indigo plant following the traditional fermentation method. Indigo is one of the most difficult colours to produce. Repeated dying is needed to achieve the blue colour. The cotton is from mixed sources including some chemical free cotton grown by the Taidam community.

If you like indigo for a table setting then this placemat is perfect for your home. It is a nice gift for friends who love natural products or love home decoration in SE Asia style The size of the placemats is larger than normal and they are big enough for glass/cup placement. Please note that these products are made by artisans. Some slight variation in colour, size and finish may therefore occur in the product range.

Product Care:

Machine wash on a gentle cycle, dry in the shade. They are ironable.

Colours: Indigo; The original colours may vary slightly from the photograph.

Dimensions: W: 34 cm, L: 48.5 cm; Weight (approx.): 110 g

Materials: 100% Cotton

From: Designed and hand-made by Taidam in Thailand and Life Interwoven

Shipping: This product is posted from Australia by Express Post.

Hand-woven Placemats-Naturally dyed- "indigo" 110 Grams

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Life Interwoven

About the seller

Life Interwoven is a social enterprise founded by a group of like-minded friends with the inspiration to fight disadvantage and poverty as well as helping to conserve traditional textile and handicrafts in South East Asia. In particular Life Interwoven aims to help small village based enterprises by supporting enterprises that still use traditional and artisan techniques.

Our Mission:
Reducing poverty through art, craft and education

In 2017, we continue to support Human and Hope Association, an Australian NGO education project for disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

Donations for Financial Year 2016-2017
- funded a preschool education to a whole class of 10 students for a month.
- funded four children in the Khmer language program at HHA for a year, teaching them their native language so they can move up at public school.
- educated two children in our English language program for a year.
- provided scholarships to two students for a year education program.

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  • Disadvantage
  • Economic empowerment
  • Education and training