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Backyard Buddies and Bugs Buddies: Our Aussie native daisy mix and our 'good' bugs mix are a perfect combination to not only create a cottage garden feel, but provide food for vital garden insects and in turn also birds. It is best sown near fruit trees or the vegetable garden. These seeds are very tiny and you will mostly find several seeds per tile.
Bugs Buddies content: red clover, lucerne, sweet alice, dill, calendula, caraway, coriander, cosmos, buckwheat, baby's breath, Queen Anne's Lace
Backyard Buddies content: everlastings, billy buttons and cut leaf daisies

Hint: All our seed tiles make excellent gifts for gardeners that have lost some dexterity in their hands, someone that needs encouragement to use fine motor skills or anyone wanting to teach pre-schoolers the joys of gardening.

The paper "tiles", to which the seeds are attached, are manufactured from recycled denim and it will decompose in the soil. Full planting instructions inside each seed tile packet.

Seed Tiles - Garden Friends 2 x DL, 10 x 7.5 x 8 Each

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We help provide opportunities for community engagement, increased social integration, as well as volunteering and limited employment to Canberra residents whom are marginalised by the limitations of their abilities or their environment. Our studio recycles denim jeans and locally harvested plant fibre into handmade paper so that program participants can benefit from a range of skills development opportunities.

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