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Weaver: Romana
Motif: "Penyelepit Api, Ruit"
Front: 100% cotton
Back: 50% linen 50% cotton
Insert included

Romana is a member of the Women’s Weaving Cooperative we partner with in West Borneo.

This mustard yellow cushion is one of just eight unique pieces deriving from Romana's artwork. Every ikat cushion is lined and will come from a different position on the ikat so may not be a direct representation of the cushion pictured. It will also be accompanied by a Weaver Profile, which will include a little information about the artisan and the motif used in her piece. Through your purchase, you are supporting initiatives that economically empower indigenous women weavers in Borneo.

Penyelepit Api is a fire stick, usually made of rattan or bamboo, which allows meat to be cooked with ease. It is traditionally used in the moments leading up to the annual Gawai Dayak festival when an animal is sacrificed for the feast.

A ruit is the hook on a spear that ancient Dayak ancestors used for hunting or fishing. This motif symbolises the sacred bond of marriage. In the same way that an animal will be wounded by a ruit, it is believed that freeing oneself from the ties of marriage will raise deep wounds for one’s partner. This motif symbolises strength and how a firm set of rules help to maintain social cohesion.

The People’s Fabric uses Australian-made recycled PET cushion inserts, which are filled with 100% PET fibre that is derived from recycled water bottles. They look and feel similar to a high-grade polyester cushion insert but have a greater resilience rating and will last for much longer. For every one kilogram of fibre used, more than 70 water bottles are saved from landfill.

Whilst ikat can be spot cleaned with warm soapy water, we recommend you dry clean your product when necessary. Please also ensure it is not exposed to direct sunlight for long periods as this will cause the colours to fade.
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Romana (Handmade Mustard Yellow Ikat Square Cushion) 50 x 50cm Each

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Items are shipped within three working days of the receipt of orders.
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The People’s Fabric sources ikat from various villages in West Borneo – they are made by a variety of different people who use a variety of different dyes, so each piece is unique. The complex process of making ikat requires high levels of skill, as each is handmade and hand dyed – because of this, there will occasionally be imperfections in the ikat.

Whilst we feel this contributes to each ikat’s story, we want you to love your ikat as much as we do so if you are not 100% happy with your purchase, you are welcome to return the item in the post and we will refund you the cost of the item.
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The People’s Fabric support initiatives that economically empower women who are preserving their cultural traditions and seeking alternative livelihoods outside of the palm oil trade, which is devastating their local environment, wildlife and community cohesion.

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  • Economic empowerment
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